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Mounting Options

There are a variety of mounting options and framing styles available for our shutters - which one to use will depend entirely on the type of windows you have in your home.

Click here to see our most popular framing styles.

Our measurers will advise on the appropriate choice when they come to do a site visit or for supply only orders, our sales team can guide you towards the best option to use.

Inside Mount

Shutters are installed on the inside of the recess opening as shown in diagrams A, B, C, D and E. This requires sufficient depth for slat clearance bigger the slat, the bigger the depth required) and clearance for handles must also be taken into account. Shutters will fold back against the inside of the recess if mounted as per B (although they may still protrude further than the recess, depending on recess depth and size of panels). If mounted on front edge of recess as per options A, C, D and E, shutters will fold back against the walls on either side of the window.


Outside Mount

Shutters are fixed onto the wall outside of the recess opening as shown in diagrams F and G.

Sash Window Mount

On a sash window, we normally mount the frame just inside the architrave as shown in H.

The above frame depths are our minimum, other depths are available to accommodate wide slats or providing handles.

For further information and pricing, please contact our sales team on +86592-2685185, 2685189, 2685193, 2685196 or at


 If the above products can not meet your demands, pls don't hesitate to let us know. Custom-made service is available. 

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